Kchung's THE PEOPLE interviewed me and Michael Morley of Gate. Listen to our conversation about politics, aesthetics, war and noise. 

Live recording of durational performance with Ted Byrnes (percussion), Christopher Reid Martin (harmonium, synth, guitar, electronics), and Gabie Strong (guitar, electronics, voice), in Matt Wardell's exhibition "EYE-DEE-QUE (Something Like an Asclepeion)" at Baik Art. Los Angeles, Feb. 12, 2016.

More info on Matt's exhibition: baikart.com/exhibitions/20160109/exhibition.htm

Guitar trio: RJ Russell, Gabie Strong, David Patton. 9.26.99. Recorded live at sound., sacred grounds, San Pedro.

Improvisation between Gabie Strong (drums), Francis Stark (guitar), Joe Potts (chopped optigan). Recorded live at Angels Gate, San Pedro, for Cindy Bernard's "trios pulled from a hat."