Gabie Strong's "Crystalline Morphologies" is an experimental music radio show broadcast every Thursday 7-8 Pacific Time, from KCHUNG Radio AM 1630 Los Angeles

Playing vinyl featuring experimental, psych, drone, free-noise, metal, and female doom.


Five + years of show archives:

Gabie Strong's "Crystalline Morphologies" radio show archives at LACA



Zomes - Untitled tracks from Vol. 1
Dreammmama - Feedbacker/Commentary
Flying Saucer Attack - Untitled 5 + 6
Pauline Oliveros - A love song
Simon Wickham Smith & Richard Youngs - Goat
KJ Haino/Jim O’Rourke/Oren Ambarchi - after drinking one again consider the brutality of prayer
Les Rallizes Denudes - Ice Fire
Okkyung Lee - Cheol-kkot + Hollow Water
Greg Skoff - Live Kala
Hototogisu - from Under the Rose
KJ Haino/Jim O’Rourke/Oren Ambarchi - i don’t want to drink tea so tasteless that even the intent to kill will not come to mind while drinking

The Dead C - Repent I
Tom Carter & Pat Murano - Styx
Angelhead - Untitled
Skullflower - Silver Horns of Lilith
Michael Morley - The Storm
Growing - Untitled
Bardo Pond - Kali Yuga Blues

set features royal trux, jane weaver, onna, ash ra tempel, loop, spacemen 3, aihiyo, more!

Set list includes tracks from Hiatus, Rain, Dead C., CJA, Surface of the Earth, Azusa Plane, TSYGANTYATA IYA SILYICHA, Harry Pussy, Gate and others. Session courtesy of Quintus Andrisson!

Set includes skullflower, wolf eyes... more doom

A two hour birthday set!

yet i am too old to remember to write down the playlist... so you can instead just hit play and list to how awesome this was!

Set includes Ghost, Roxy Music, Eno, etc.