Gabie Strong's "Crystalline Morphologies" is an experimental music radio show that was broadcast on Kchung Radio from 2011 - 2018, featuring experimental, psych, drone, free-noise, metal, and female doom. 

kchung archives:

She currently djs on dublab radio with Mike Harding of Touch on Long Wave every second Tuesday of the month from 2 - 4pm PST. They play drone, ambient, field recordings, noise and electronic avant garde music.

dublab archives:

 In 2016 Strong launched the Crystalline Morphologies music label to further expand this field and release work referencing the mineralogical process of crystal growth – the process by which organic materials take shape under the influence of environment and time. As a musical concept, it speaks to the self-reflexive dialectic formed between structured composition and improvisational acts as they unfold over time. Strong continues to work with Kchung Radio to create sustainable community programming.