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Gate/ Gabie Strong/ Christopher Reid Martin July 2016 West Coast Tour


Gate/ Gabie Strong/ Christopher Reid Martin

West Coast Tour 2016

7/3 - Los Angeles - Non Plus Ultra w/ Metal Rouge, Telcaves, and Peter Kolovos (Gate to play as a trio)

7/5 - Oakland - Land and Sea Gallery w/Michael Morley (of Gate) duo with Bill Orcutt, and Sanaz performing Project Shiir

7/6 - Los Altos - KFJC radio hosted by Black Horizons (2-6 pm)

7/6 - San Francisco - Hemlock Tavern ( Gate to perform as a trio) w/ Meg Baird and Jim Haynes

7/7- Arcata - the Miniplex (located in Richards Goat tavern) w/ Ghoulhand

7/8 - Portland - S1 - with Grouper

7/9 - Olympia - Dub Narcotic - w/ Malaikat dan Singa (Gabie Strong and Christopher Reid Martin performing as a duo)

7/10 - Seattle - Hollow Earth Radio w/ Dialing In

7/12 - Los Angeles - Club Pro - w/ Carla Bozulich's Bloody Claws, and Nick Malkin ( Gabie and Christopher to perform as a duo)

Gate is a free noise project of New Zealander Michael Morley, which began in the mid-'90s.Morley, who has also played in Dead C. and Precious Metal Inc., performed the thick, sonic improvisations that are characteristic of Gate on a tour with Keiji Haino and Thurston Moore in 1994. One of Gate's more widely available recordings, Live in Boston/NYC 1994 (Poon Village), comes from that year and features Lee Ranaldo and Zeena Parkins. Ranaldo and Morley also recorded in the studio, although this material has yet to be released. Gate has several subsequent releases on the Table of the Elements label, including Monolake (1997) and The Wisher Table (1999), as well as other releases on smaller independent labels such as Go For It and Siltbreeze.

Gabie Strong is a California artist and musician exploring spatial constructions of degeneration, drone and decay as a means to improvise new arrangements of self-reflexive meaning. Strong uses sound performance, radio broadcasting, environmental installation, photography and video as a mediums for experimentation. Her work has been presented on Kchung TV at the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. 2014 biennial exhibition, MOCA, the wulf, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Human Resources, SASSAS, High Desert Test Sites, LACMA, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, and Jabberjaw. In 2010 Strong founded the all-female free-psych group Lady Noise, concluding with a series of durational performances for Dawn Kasper’s installation in the 2012 Whitney Biennial. Currently she is performing solo, free-noise music under her own name. She is releasing two eps this summer. 

Christopher Reid Martin is a multidisciplinary artist, currently residing in Los Angeles. He first began working with sound in Orange County in 2004, layering sounds from various field recordings of daily life which convey living truths and over processed instrumentation as the reactionary expression. These expressions came to birth the solo project known as of Shelter Death, as it has evolved into numerous projects in which performance and sound interplay to make for a personal reactionary dramatization.

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