Cassette released January 2016. Limited edition of 100 copies available. 

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Track listing:

01 Mineralism -- recorded live at Albany Sonic Arts Collective, New York. July 8 2015. Recorded by Gabie Strong.

02 Desert Night -- recorded live at Volume, South of Sunset, Los Angeles, California. December 18 2015. Recorded to video by Jorge Martin.

03 Sacred Datura -- recorded live for Kchung Radio at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California. October 24 1015. Recorded by Jorge Martin.

04 Peaked Experience -- recorded live at "Peak Experiences," Shangrila, Joshua Tree, California. September 9 2015. Recorded to video by Gabie Strong.

Bonus digital track: 05 Becoming-Animal -- recorded live at the wulf, Los Angeles, California. July 11 2015. Recorded by Jorge Martin.

Mastered by Mark Wheaton, Catasonic Studios. 

All songs © gabie strong 2016 ℗ crystalline morphologies