released 04 June 2015

Lady Noise:

Kelly Coats - Flute, vocals, effects 
Kathleen Kim - Violin, effects 
Sandy Yang - Guitar 
Gabie Strong - Bass, synthesizer, effects

All songs written and performed by Lady Noise 2010-2012.

Recorded by Stefan Scott Nelson 
Mixed by Gregory Lenczycki and Gabie Strong 
Mastered by James Plotkin 
Produced by Gabie Strong

Many thanks to Bobb Bruno, Ted Byrnes, Grant Capes, Aisling Cormack, Helga Fassonaki, James Hamblin, Julia Holter, Jens Jonason, Dawn Kasper, Eric Kim, Janet Kim, Gregory Lenczycki, Raquel Gutierrez, Jorge Martin, Steve Kim, Stefan Scott Nelson, Lee Ranaldo, Ron Russell, Andrew Scott, Jonathan Silberman, Shane Shukis, Tony Watson, LA Fog, Rats, Metal Rouge, Human Resources and SASSAS.

© & ℗ Lady Noise 2015

Space was recorded live at The Collective Show, Perform Chinatown!, Los Angeles, 1.24.11. Space was recorded by Jorge Martin and mixed by Gregory Lenczycki.

Space Sisters Born an Ocean Apart and Shake were recorded by Stefan Scott Nelson. Mixed by Gabie Strong.

Material Utterances features vocal performance by Raquel Gutiérrez and was recorded live by Jorge Martin. Mixed by Gabie Strong.

"A melancholic psychic overload of the hot air indeterminate" is a demo version of our site-specific score, Untitled (Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Oct. 16, 2011), commissioned by SASSAS. See the live performance here:

AMPOHAI features Lady Noise with Jesse Appelhans (drums), Aisling Cormack (violin), James Hamblin (Q-Chord), Stefan Scott Nelson (electronic percussion), Ron Russell (baritone guitar) and Jonathan Silberman (tenor sax). Recorded by Kathleen Kim and Stefan Scott Nelson. Mixed by Stefan Scott Nelson.

Many thanks to all our friends who contributed and listened.

Lady Noise is:
Kelly Coats – flute
Kathleen Kim – violin,  
Gabie Strong – bass, modular synth
Sandy Yang – guitar, drums

All music written, performed, arranged and produced by Lady Noise.

© & ℗ Lady Noise 2012