Curriculum Vitae


2008 M.F.A. Art, Department of Art, University of California, Irvine

2006 M. Arch, Southern California Institute of Architecture

1993 B.A. Art, Department of Art, University of California, Los Angeles




It Calls From the Creek. Art on Site for the Deer Creek Tribute Trail, Sierra Fund, Nevada City (with Unmanned Minerals)


Solar Invocation. The Knowledges, Mount Wilson Observatory, Los Angeles


Transgressing in a Ribbon, &Now Festival of New Writing: Tomorrowland Forever!, UC San Diego, La Jolla (with Unmanned Minerals)

Blast Site: A Monument For Future Failures. New Moon, Shangrila, Joshua Tree (with Danielle McCullough)

Untitled score for Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Oct. 16, 2011. "sound." commission, SASSAS, Los Angeles (with Lady Noise)


An Evening of Light, Space and Sound. UCR Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside (with Lady Noise)

Eucalyptus Carvers. Elysian Park Museum of Art, Elysian Park, Los Angeles (with Unmanned Minerals)

Ur Rituals and The Desert Die. Mapping the Desert/Deserting the Map: Dry Immersion 3 (organized by UCIRA/UCR Sweeney Art Gallery), Twentynine Palms 




LAMOA DS#3 presents Gabie Strong: Given, Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles

Overhead, a raven, Garage Door Gallery, Sierra Nevada College


My War, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro


The Exegesis of Entropy, Autonomie, Los Angeles

 Archaeological Expedition, PØST, Los Angeles




Khal: A Project by Helga Fassonaki, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision and Audio Foundation Gallery, Aukland, NZ; Auricle Gallery of Sonic Arts, Christchurch, NZ; Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles

Off-Road Expo, High Desert Test Sites and Machine Project, El Mirage

The Bunker, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro


KCHUNG TV, Made in L.A. 2014, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles 


Contested Destinations, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena


Summercamp’s ProjectProject @ Side Street Projects, Pasadena

Letting Go: Herman La Prada International Flat File Exhibition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The End of Wild, Modified Arts, Phoenix 


New Moon, Shangrila, Joshua Tree 

La Cosa Nostra – This Thing of Ours, Galerie Rheeway, Los Angeles

Durden & Ray Presents: Vertigo, 12th Floor, Los Angeles

&Now Festival of New Writing: Tomorrowland Forever!, UC San Diego, La Jolla 

The De-socialized Landscape (Curated by Grant Vetter), Foundation for Art Resources at D-Block Gallery, Long Beach


Elysian Park Museum of Art, LACE, Hollywood

Wo Es War, Soll Ich Werden! Nan Rae Gallery, Woodbury University, Burbank 

Amy and Wendy Yao’s Art Swap Meet, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree

Capitalism in Question (Because It Is) (Curated by Ciara Ennis and Daniel Joseph Martinez), Pitzer Art Gallery, Pitzer College, Claremont 


I’m Gorgeous Inside, Five Thirty Three Gallery, Los Angeles

Second Shift, Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles


Wreckers, Records, Redeemers, LAXArt, Los Angeles

Juried Art Exhibition 2008, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance

Summer Guests Show, Acuna-Hansen Gallery, Los Angeles

Oranges & Paper, University Art Gallery, UC Irvine


Video Nightmare, Raid Projects, Los Angeles


Imagination and Reality: First Beijing Dashanzi International Art Festival (Curated by Huang Rui and Tatehata Akira), Beijing 


Three Day Weekend (Curated by Dave Muller), Mad Art Gallery, Saint Louis 


Anwander, Bazaar de Cologne, Cologne, Germany




Gabie Strong and Raquel Gutiérrez duo: Laconic Economies, A Triptych for Xenolalia, curated by Ron Athey. The Broad, Los Angeles 

Gabie Strong and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: Full Tones, LAND and SEA. Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA 

Gabie Strong: Volume. Coaxial, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong & Ted Byrnes duo: Kchung @ Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair. MoCA, Los Angeles


Gabie Strong: The Refrain is a Prism, In Real-Life, 100 Days of Film and Performance. Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong: Current LA - KPARK, Angels Gate Curatorial Center, Point Fermin, San Pedro

Gabie Strong: BOXStock, The Box Gallery, Los Angeles

Gate (Michael Morley, Christopher Reid Martin, Gabie Strong), West Coast tour: Land and Sea (Oakland), KJFC (Los Altos), S1 (Portland), Hollow Earth Radio (Seattle)

Gabie Strong: In Chambers, Ms Barbers, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong, Ted Byrnes, John Weise, Joseph Hammer: Bluewhale, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong, Ted Byrnes, Christopher Reid Martin:  “Music for Healing” (or what you need) - Matt Wardell “EYE-DEE-QUE” (Something Like an Asclepeion), Baik Art, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong & John Pearson: Complex, Glendale and Non Plus Ultra, Los Angeles


Gabie Strong: Desert Night, Volume, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong: Peaked Experience, Shangrila 2015, Joshua Tree

Gabie Strong: Sacred Datura, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong:  Untitled VI (becoming-animal), the wulf, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong: James Boulton’s Quality Time, Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles

Gabie Strong: Armour - Khal: A Project by Helga Fassonaki, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) and KChung Radio, Los Angeles

“Crystalline Morphologies,” KCHUNG Radio, Printed Matter’s L.A. Art Book Fair 2015, MoCA Geffen, Los Angeles


“Crystalline Morphologies,” KCHUNG TV, Made in L.A. 2014, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles


“Crystalline Morphologies,” Building on Ruins, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles


Gabie Strong: Trapdoor Fucking Exit (Curated by Helga Fassonaki), Human Resources, Los Angeles

Lady Noise with Dawn Kasper for THIS COULD BE SOMETHING IF I LET IT. Whitney Biennial 2012 opening receptions, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 


Lady Noise w/ Raquel Gutierrez: Material Utterances, Human Resources, Los Angeles

Lady Noise w/ OMAYUMI, Alan Nakagawa, Steve Irvin: Flat Red, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles

Lady Noise w/ Raquel Gutierrez: GUTTED, LACE, Hollywood

Lady Noise: Late Risers Club, Verse/Chorus/Verse Amphitheater, 2011 Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair


UR: LACMA Launch/Muse Artwalk, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles 

Lady Noise (Gabie Strong, Kathleen Kim, Sandy Yang, Kelly Coats): An Evening of Experimental Music, Human Resources, Los Angeles 


UR (Gabie Strong, Ron Russell, Steve Kim): Mind ur Head, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles 

Telethon Returns Revisited (directed by Joe Potts/LAFMS), Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles 


Boadrum 88 (directed by The Boredoms), La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles

Sand and Sky Rituals (Gabie Strong w/ Helga Fassonaki, Andrew Scott, Steve Kim, Ron Russell, Albert Ortega), Amy and Wendy Yao’s Art Swap Meet, High Desert Test Sites (CB08)


Gabie Strong, David Patton, Ron Russell, Joe Potts, Joseph Hammer, with Cindy Bernard: space, climate, light, mood (directed by Cindy Bernard), MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles 


angels gate 8.16.99 dusk: installations + trios pulled from a hat (organized by Cindy Bernard), Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro



2016 Rema Hort Foundation Nominee

2013 Sierra Fund - Art on Site Artist Award 

2011 CCI Artist Resource Completion Grant 

2010 UCIRA/UCR Sweeney Art Gallery Collaborative Research Grants 

2006-2008 UC Irvine Graduate Student Research and Travel Grant 

2006-2008 UC Irvine Resident of California Fees Fellowship 

2006-2008 UC Irvine Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellowship

2007 UC Irvine Medici Circle Scholarship

2007 UC Irvine Department of Studio Art, Graduate Student Scholarship 

2003 SCI-Arc Graduate Student Scholarship



2013 Art on Site, Nevada City, California

2013 KCHUNG Radio, Public Engagement Artist In Residence, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles



  • Gabie Strong, “Sacred Datura/Peaked Experiences,” © 2016 Crystalline Morphologies. 12” vinyl LP, cassette, and digital album.
  • Gabie Strong, “Spectress,” © 2016 Crystalline Morphologies. 12” vinyl LP and digital album.
  • KCHUNG Radio – Gabie Strong’s “Crystalline Morphologies” and Earth Art Radio. Continuous weekly programming. 2011 – present.  + 
  • “Crystalline Morphologies, live” on KCHUNG.TV  © 2014.
  • “Audio Tour for Maya Hayuk Project in the Hammer Museum (KCHUNG Radio)” © 2013. Digital download site-specific audio guide.
  • “Earth Art Radio - HDTS 2013 - Interviews with Artists,” © 2013. 
  • Lady Noise, s/t, © 2012-2013 Strong/Kim/Coats/Yang. Digital album. 
  • Lady Noise, “Lady Noise Mix-Tape”, © 2012. Strong/Kim/Coats/Yang. Cassette and Digital album. 
  • Gabie Strong, performance, EarMeal (solo). 2011. Digital streaming media.
  • Lament Project at, Center for Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts. 2008. Digital streaming media.
  • Various artists, soundCD no.1: Live recordings of experimental improvisations organized as a part of sound., ©2002 by soundNet recordings/SASSAS.  Compact disc.
  • Tom Watson, Country and Watson. With Erik Bluhm, Brian Christopher, Lynn Johnston, Bob Mothersbaugh, Stephen Prina, Gabie Strong, Mayo Thompson and Diana Watson. ©1999 by Leiterwagen Records, ©2002 by Theologian Records. Compact disc.
  • Ron Russell, David Patton, and Gabie Strong, PS001 Ron Russell, David Patton, Gabie Strong. ©1999 by Pacific Standard Recordings.
  • Ajay Dhaka, Tanya Samazan and Gabie Strong, Canopy/SeeSaw, with Joey Morris and Richard Medina. ©1993 by Canopy/SeeSaw. Sour Power Records. 7” vinyl record.





  • Strong, Gabie. “Greg Wilken: Stains,” The Benefit of Friends Collected, A Journal of Artist-on-Artist Critical Writing, Jesse Benson, publisher. 2013.
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  • Strong, Gabie. “Revolver: godspeed you black emperor! Slow Riot for new Zero Kanada, Kranky Records,” New Times L.A. (March 4, 1999).
  • Strong, Gabie. “LoCAL: Solid Eye, Fruits of Automation, W.I.N. Records,” New Times L.A. (Feb. 25 1999).
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  • “Amp: Perception (Darla),” “Ashtabula: River of Many Dead Fish (Siltbreeze),” “The Azusa Plane: Tycho Magnetic Anomaly and the Full Consciousness of Hidden Harmony (Camera Obscura),” “Brother J.T.: Rainy Day Fun (Drunken Fish),” “Hash Jar Tempo: Well Oiled (Drunken Fish),” Great God Pan, The Journal of Californiana,  #10 (1997):  pp. 62-71.



2011- Gabie Strong’s “Crystalline Morphologies,” KCHUNG Radio 

2014- Earth Art Radio, KCHUNG Radio

2009 Co-curator, SASSAS, Mapping sound. The SASSAS 10th Anniversary Concert Series.

2007/08 Curatorial Assistant and Researcher, Skin+Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

2007 Time Writers From The Mirror Horizon, David Patton Gallery, Los Angeles



2012   The Arcade: Art and Urbanism, Otis College of Art and Design

2011 Blast Site: A Workshop for Conjecture, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree 

2011 Sound Workshop, Center for Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts 

2010 Sound Workshop, Center for Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts 

2008 Sound Workshop, Center for Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts  



2015   Noise & The Possibility for A Future, Goethe Institute, Los Angeles

2013 Riot Grrrl and fanzines, Revolution Grrrl Style Now! Women’s studies course, Loyola Marymount University

2012 Art and Urbanism, Art Otis College of Art and Design

2012 Advanced Photography, Department of Art, Cal State Fullerton

2012 Introduction to Photography, Department of Art, Cal State Fullerton

2012 2012 Art and Photography, Department of Art, Arizona State University

Art and Urbanism, Department of Art, Southern Methodist University

2010 Fine Art Photography, Art Center College of Design 

2010 Graduate Department of Architecture, Woodbury University, Burbank 

2009 Intermediate Projects in Photography, Department of Studio Art, UC Irvine  

2009 History of Contemporary Art, Woodbury University, Burbank 



Sp 2017

Graduate Mentor, Sierra Nevada College, MFA/IC Program

F 2015 - Sp 2017

Lecturer: Artists, Community, Teaching at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

Community Arts in LA + Art, Activism

Social Justice + Activism

F 2009 – Sp 2012    

Lecturer: Woodbury University, Burbank

Urban Ecology: Art and Urbanism, History of Land Art, History of Modern Art, History of Photography

Sp 2010 – Su2011    

Lecturer: Southern California Institute of Architecture

Contemporary Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Modernism

F 2007 – Su 2008    

Lecturer: University of California, Irvine


F 2007 – Sp 2008    

Graduate Researcher: University of California, Irvine

W 2006 - Sp 2007

Graduate Teaching Assistant: University of California, Irvine

Afro-futurism, Photography, Sculpture, Visual Studies



2016-2018     President, Board of Directors, KCHUNG Radio

2016-2017     Advisory Committee, Knowledges at Mount Wilson 

2014-2016     Managing Producer, KCHUNG TV, UCLA Hammer Museum Made in L.A. 2014

2011-2012     Symposium Coordinator, Department of Art History, Woodbury University, Burbank

2008-2010     Board of Directors, SASSAS