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An examination of the artists FKA Twigs and Grimes.

This is a Radio Show call Gaming music by Dj KuraRei

Nerd talks about games for X minutes - 2018 Otis Community Radio Final Assignment

Jay Ye aka THE LEGEND’s archived radio show. Talking about the state of gaming as a form of commerce and its monetization methods to inform you about the massive industry that is games.

Field Recording

Alex Mediate, Ana Sanchez, Kay Morgan.

We wanted to create a haunting and horror-movie-like audio experience. 

A collection of letters written to oneself in response to the question: If you were to die right now at this point in your life, what would you have to say to yourself? Regrets? Last wishes? Etc.?

Without using any instrument or computer generated sound, we created a little song just by combining sounds we recorded from everyday life. We used sounds generated from driving a car, at the skatepark and random noise in the kitchen.

Song Narrative: Somebody getting high.

We sort of just came with the idea of creating this narrative while we were composing, based on the sounds we gathered, we found it naturally fits to the storyline.

ASMRadio is an hour of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) triggers created by Ana Sanchez and Kay Morgan.
The idea of our show is to provide a safe, relaxing space for our audience through poem readings, positive affirmations, and a compilation of our favorite ASMR triggers.